openapi: 3.0.1 info: title: Paperpile Literature Search description: Allows students and researchers to discover scientific articles version: 'v1' servers: - url: paths: /paperpile: get: operationId: searchAbstracts summary: Get relevant paper abstracts by keywords search parameters: - name: q in: query description: keywords the user is interested in to discover relevant literature required: true schema: type: string responses: '200': description: OK content: application/json: schema: $ref: '#/components/schemas/searchAbstractsResponse' components: schemas: searchAbstractsResponse: type: object properties: abstracts: type: array items: type: object properties: title: type: string description: Title of the paper. abstract: type: string description: Summary of the of the paper highlighting the main findings. url: type: string description: URL to publisher website where the paper can be accessed. pdf_url: type: string description: URL to fulltext PDF version of the paper. year: type: string description: Year of publication. authors: type: array items: type: string description: List of authors of the paper. description: The list of relevant abstracts.